5 Best Twitter Bots To Get Followers in 2019

Best Twitter Bots

Finding Best twitter bots is a hectic task. Twitter is perhaps the most famous microblogging and social networking website at the moment, with more than 320 million active users. Twitter provides an excellent platform for marketing, and a large number of followers increase the reach of your product and business. However, increasing the follower count can be difficult and time-consuming especially for beginners.

That’s where Twitter bots come to your rescue! The Twitter bot is software designed to automate your Twitter activities such as liking, re-tweeting, and following new accounts. This results in increased activity, thereby saving time and growing followers when compared to a manual approach.

Top 5 Twitter Bots To Get Followers in 2019

In this article, we present you 5 best Twitter bots you can use to get more followers on Twitter quickly. Let’s get started:

1. Tweet Attacks Pro

Tweet Attacks Pro is one of the most popular Twitter bots available to increase your
Twitter activity. Tweet Attacks Pro imitates human behavior and operates based on your
previous activity and preference on Twitter. The bot analyses your preferred hashtags and
uses this data to follow accounts with similar preferences. The bot automatically unfollows
the dormant accounts without being noticed and saves your time.

Best Twitter Bots
Tweet Attacks Pro

Imitating human behavior makes your account look more active and helps you draw
Attention with different users having similar interests. Some of the important features of
Tweet Attacks Pro are:

  1. Auto Liking of posts
  2. Scheduling of tweets
  3. Twitter API integration
  4. Real-time reply
  5. Automatic following and un-following of accounts.

Pricing: Tweet Attacks Pro is offered in three different packages and pricing options. These
packages vary from one time fees of USD 67 to USD 297. Alternatively, you can also opt to
pay annual fees to use their services.

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2. MonsterSocial

MonsterSocial is another popular Twitter bot available for you. This Twitter bot is straightforward to use, and it can be used to automate your other social media accounts as well. MonsterSocial takes pride in having more than 3000 satisfied customers who can vouch for Its usefulness in increasing followers counts on Twitter. Let’s look at some of its features:

  1. Auto tweet & retweet
  2. Auto-follow & un-follow
  3. Auto like & comment.
  4. Linking different social media accounts

Pricing: The subscription charge for a single computer is available at USD 39.99 for 3 months.

3. Manage Filter

Manage Filter is a bit different category of Twitter bots. It is not fully automated and
therefore gives you the flexibility to manage your account. Manage Filter suggests you high-quality contents to post from your account relevant to your followers.

Manage Filter
Manage Filter

Posting content based on the preference of your followers helps you gain popularity and credibility at the same time. Also, it suggests you the best time to tweet and has a boost feature to ensure that your tweets don’t get lost in the crowd. Some of the other features of Manage Filter are:

  1. Remote account management
  2. Scheduling of posts
  3. Linking of multiple accounts
  4. Auto following and un-following of users

Pricing: Manage Filter offers you a free trial package with limited capabilities to test. Once
You are on-board, you can opt from two different packages of USD 12 & USD 49 per month.

4. Jarvee

Jarvee is another interesting bot available for increasing your followers on Twitter. The
Jarvee bot can be used for automation of different social media accounts such as Facebook,
YouTube etc.


It helps to grow your account rapidly due to its increased reach with users of different social media websites. Interconnectivity between different social media platforms makes Jarvee faster as compared to other bots. Let’s look at some of its features:

  1. Automatic liking & re-tweeting of tweets
  2. Scheduling tweets
  3. Automatic follow-back and favorite.
  4. I am sending Direct Messages (DM) automatically to targeted users.
  5. Analyzing activity and monitoring results

Pricing: Jarvee comes with three different subscriptions depending on your business needs. The monthly fee of these packages ranges from USD 29.95 to USD 99.95, and each of these packages has a free five day trial period.

5. Somiibo

Somiibo is another popular Twitter bot and offers to automate different social media
platforms. This bot is designed on the principle of reciprocal relationships and focuses on
interacting with other users.


This simple strategy helps you build a better connection with other users and results in increased account activity. It has a simple design and clean layout which is compatible with almost all devices. Some of its essential features are:

  1. Multiple modules of promotion for your Twitter account.
  2. Scheduling of posts.
  3. Automatic liking and re-tweeting.
  4. Automatic following of similar accounts.
  5. Efficient and safe tool.

Pricing: Somiibo has a free and paid subscription. The free package lets you manage up to 5 accounts for 3 hours a day with limited features. The paid subscription can be purchased at a fee of USD 14.95 per month or USD 149.5 annually.

Summing it Up

There you have it! 5 best Twitter bots to get more followers on your account. Every
The Twitter bot works on a sophisticated algorithm and strategy to optimize your activity and increase your presence on Twitter. Selection of the best Twitter bot for your business
depends on your marketing strategy. Every Twitter bot is unique and will work wonders if you use it right.

We have tried to include the best and most popular Twitter bots available in the
market. We are not saying that these bots will work you, but these bots have been around for a while and have stood the test of time. So it’s extremely less likely that you can go wrong with them.

We hope this article was worth spending your time and attention!


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