Best Twitter Tips: 5 Tips for Beginners


If you are searching for Best Twitter Tips then you are at the right spot. Twitter, a social media platform where every user becomes a broadcaster. It is a place where you share your thoughts, news, pictures, and videos in the form of Tweets. Just like you select TV channels, choose YouTube pages to subscribe. Similarly, you want Twitter accounts to follow. And downloading videos from Twitter Accounts.

Twitter is fantastic, but it can also be overwhelming and a massive waste of your time.

5 Best Twitter Tips to Get the Most out of it

But if you learn to use it right, it can be a fantastic tool for building your business, networking, sharing useful information, and so many other things. So these are the Best Twitter Tips that I use to get the most out of Twitter:

1. Creating a Solid Bio

Use your bio to showcase what you do, or what your content focuses on. First of all, upload a beautiful profile picture of yourself, so that people know that it’s a real person. Your bio should tell people why they should follow you, what are you going to present to them, and what kind of value are you going to yield to them.

Best Twitter Tips
Creating a Solid Bio

Make a convincing bio so that they follow you in a matter of seconds. Also, keep in mind your profile looks trustworthy and professional ( if you are using it for branding). Recheck your bio at least 3 times; it will be sure that you will have to rewrite some things which will be better than before.

The most common mistake that people write in their bio is using hashtags. Never use hashtags in your bio as hashtags are clickable and will draw the user to a different page, away from your profile. You might lose a chance of getting a follower or showcasing them a recent tweet they could have been interested in.

Once they click, there is a slight probability of them to come back to your profile. Instead of hashtags, use external links of your work or your website( if you have any ), so that even if they are away from your twitter account, they can be made a potential customer.

2. Engage in Hot Discussions

Twitter is much more than just tweeting and retweeting posts. Try to engage in what people are discussing around the world. Try to jump in and comment on what you want to express on that issue. This will increase your network, and an active user always has more followers than others.

Be optimistic and supportive. Do some research, add more people to your conversation, and try to get something useful out of them. There should be some Return on Investment, as you are investing your time on twitter and not wasting it.

3. Try to Get Verified

Being verified increases your chances of being seen by famous people of your domain who might be interested in collaboration with you. They might retweet your tweet, which will further grow the engagement, which will be very beneficial for you. Make a ‘twitter list,’ which is a feature provided by twitter to benefit the users.

Best Twitter Tips
Try to Get Verified

Add people of your niche into that list; this will enhance your visibility on the platform. It’s not necessary that you need to have a large number of followers to get verified. Don’t change your username often as it might decrease the chances of getting your twitter account verified. Refrain from using Fiverr service or a bot to increase your followers.

4. Use Twitter for Marketing

Twitter can be the best social media platform out of all when it comes to marketing. Be it your product or your client’s, and if twitter is used precisely, then it won’t take long to attract customers.

Use a management platform like Hootesuite so that your workload lightens, and you can schedule your tweets as well. Learn Twitter shortcuts to make your twitter experience simpler. For promoting a brand, it depends on the strategy. Learn about online marketing and implement the concepts with the help of twitter.

5. Tweet as Much as You Can

If you have a piece of content that is important for your brand, tweet it, share it with people at different times during 24 hours. One in the day, one in the afternoon and one in the evening, and send this for a couple of weeks. Try to improvise every time you tweet the same content.

Best Twitter Tips
Tweet as Much as You Can

Add a picture, a video to engage more people. By doing so, people of your niche will be dragged to your feed, and your content will be a bustle amongst the people. Keep your content on point as tweets have a word limit. But you can tweet more than 280 characters with this method. Add some humor to your tweets. A happy user has more chance of retweeting your posts or sharing it with other platforms.

Final Words

At the end, we would say that there are many ways to grow on twitter; but these tips are applied to both beginners as well as professionals. You have to follow these Best Twitter Tips if you want to grow your Twitter account to the next level. Once you learn the art of using it correctly, there will be a breakthrough.


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