How To Delete Twitter Account on Android/iOS?

Delete Twitter Account

Are you bored and tired of using Twitter? Do you want to delete your Twitter account permanently? If the answer is yes, then let’s discuss the process of deleting a Twitter account from an Android/ iOS device.

It’s easy to delete Twitter account from a desktop, but the android app and iOS app version does not have the account removal option yet. But, deleting a Twitter account on an Android/iOS is possible, and it’s also not rocket science. Let’s dive deeper into the process.

Step by Step Process of Deleting a Twitter Account

First, open any browser on your phone. But, make sure that the browser that you will use as a desktop version. It’s easy and convenient to use Google Chrome as it is available in any android or iOS phone.

1. Go to the search box of that browser and URL “” and press the ‘Search’ button.

2. Twitter’s page will open. After that, choose the ‘Login option and peek into your existing Twitter account by typing your Username/Phone Number/Email ID along with the accurate Password.

3. Now, you will see an option with three dots button beside the site’s link. Click on that button, and you will see an option that says ‘Request Desktop Site.’ Press that button.

4. You will be provided with the complete desktop version of Twitter. You have to do this as deactivation of an account is unavailable in the app version of Twitter.

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5. Now, click on the profile button with your chosen display picture which you will find at the topmost part on the phone screen that is right next to the ‘Tweet’ option.

6. After clicking on the profile button, you will see ‘Settings and Privacy’ option. Press the option.

7. Then, you will find an option which says ‘Deactivate My Account’ at the very end of the screen. Choose the option.

8. You will get the same deactivate option again with the heading that says ‘Goodbye?’. Click on that option yet.

9. After this, you will have to provide your Password for the last time and choose ‘Deactivate Account’ option.

10. Congratulations! Your account has been deactivated, and it will be automatically deactivated after 30 days. But, if you feel like logging in again, then you can log in again within 30 days, and your account will be activated, and it will not be deleted.

Things You Need to Know Before Deleting Twitter Account

1. What Happens After Deletion?

Twitter deactivates your account for 30 days, and after the completion of 30 days, Twitter deletes the Twitter account forever. If the user wants to activate the account after 30 days, then it will not happen as the account has been deleted permanently and you have to open a new Twitter account. So, think before you click on that ‘Deactivate’ button.

During 30 days period, Twitter removes your tweets, your username along with other information. Twitter claims if anybody or organization has the user’s account information and tweets saved which is displayed on their profile, then deleting the user account will not help in any way.

2. Keep a Backup Plan

Do not deactivate the Twitter account without applying for the Twitter archive. By archiving, you will get back all your precious tweets in one file which you can access even after deleting your Twitter account permanently.

Step by Step process to Apply for Archive

  1. Go to the Twitter App on your phone or Twitter website.
  2. Press on the profile button on the topmost left part of the app or the Twitter site.
  3. Go to the ‘Settings and Privacy.’ Click on that button.
  4. Press on the ‘Account’ option and then tap on ‘Your Twitter Data.’
  5. After that, you will have to type your password and confirm the process.
  6. You will find various data sources for Twitter and Periscope. Then, press on the ‘Request Data’ option that is beside the Twitter option.

Kudos! You will receive an email from Twitter with the archive folder.

Final Words

So, this is the full guide on How to Delete Twitter Account on Android/iOS. Twitter is a great platform that bridges people all around the globe. Twitter has become the voice of people where everyone shares their thoughts and opinions on various subjects. But again, everything that glitters is not gold. Twitter can also be a considerable distraction and hurtful at times as opinions may not match one another. Use social media limited as long as it makes you happy!


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