5 Free Twitter Analytics Tools for In-depth Analysis

Free Twitter Analytics Tools

Twitter can be confusing for many. But once you get the hang of it, it’s an addictive app that lets you tweet anything and everything. And to track the activities on Twitter is a tough task. Crunching numbers and predicting the analytics of your tweets needs time and effort.

It’s not only about tweets, but for shares, liking of posts and much more. And to help you with this, there are tools that you can use for free. Thus, let’s check out the top 5 free twitter analytics tools that could help you in one way or another. Let’s get started.

1. Twitonomy

Hailing to be one of the best twitter analytic tools, Twitonomy helps in various activities that you wish to track.

Free Twitter Analytics Tools
  1. Features such as detailed analytics of tweets that have been posted from an account from day one.
  2. You can check out the different details of re-tweets, sharing, and comments on your tweets.
  3. Trending hashtags can be determined through the tool.
  4. Also, from research and statistics, the overall prediction as to the best timing to posts a tweet can be availed.
  5. A detailed analysis can be obtained by running searches on trendy hashtags and content.
    All of the features mentioned above are free to use. There is a paid version as well that gives you a few more benefits, such as.
  6. Download the data of analytics in the form of PDF or Excel.
  7. Assign a custom range of data in a graphical format.
  8. Obtain graphical representation of particular keywords at any given point of time.
  9. Day to day tracking without any interruptions.

If you wish to buy the tool, then plans start form $19 per month.

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2. Twtrland

Twtrland isn’t a tool designed explicitly for twitter, but you can get information on Facebook and Instagram as well. The features of twtrland are of plenty.

  1. You can get a detailed report of new followers, tweets made in a day, tweets enhancements, trending hashtags, and much more based on your requirements.
  2. Detailed graphical analytics and report is given about your tweet and real-time information about the activity that in the last hour, days, or weekly intervals.
  3. Detailed analytics can be segregated based on age, sex, demography, time, and many more options.
  4. Information on a competitor’s profile can be availed. But it won’t be much in detail, just the basics and nothing more. Upgrading to a paid plan could get your extra feature such as.
  5. Advanced analytics features with customization to search results of your choosing.
  6. Track down campaigns, trending tweets, competitors, and much more based on your preferences.

The paid plan for twtrland starts at $20 per month. Because of lots of features, we have included this in the list of Free Twitter Analytics Tools.

3. Topsy

If you are in the market for a web search engine tool, then Topsy will not disappoint. There is no need to link your Twitter account. But you can choose directly based on the hashtag, keywords on the search box and select the social media website to check the trend and analytics. Other features include.

Free Twitter Analytics Tools
  1. The duration is varied based on the keyword that you might have searched. Such that you can alter the timings and the number of times the tweets have been made within an hour, day or week.
  2. Sorting of tweets is easier with Topsy as you have the option to segregate them based on tweets with or without picture or tweets with a link or without links.
  3. With the help of one keyword or hashtag, you can find a few of the most influential personalities on Twitter.
  4. Language variability is also present. Other than English, there are other languages that you can choose from.
  5. Also comparing three different social media accounts over one hashtag or keyword can be done in real-time.

Topsy also comes in a paid version.

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4. Followerwonk

Moz owned this free twitter analytic tool, Followerwonk provides a great analytic report about tweets. Though it’s not as immersive as the first three, you do get some great features such as.

Free Twitter Analytics Tools
  1. You can integrate the analytics of three different twitter accounts to get a detailed report of the analytics. Based on the search, you can change various options to get a personalized search result.
  2. Searching twitter with one particular keyword can be a tough task. Thus, there is an option to search for a specific keyword in the bio of twitter accounts. Just enter the word that you wish to search for, and you can avail all the information right in front of your screen. The search results can be filtered based on your preferences which you can do so under advanced filters option.

Folloerwonk comes in a paid version as well. It does have extra features. If you wish to buy the paid version, then it comes with a 30-day trial period to decide your purchase

5. Twitter Counter

If you are looking for a lighter version of a Twitter analytical tool, then twitter counter is the best option. Features are as follows.

  1. Provides a graphical representation of particular tweets, hashtags, followers, and much more. You can also avail predicted information in the form of a graphical representation based on any filters at a specified period.
  2. Integration of two or more Twitter accounts and a seamless transition between them.
    The Twitter Counter also comes as a paid version that costs $17 per month. All of the features are enlisted below.
  3. Promotion of your twitter account.
  4. Detailed, in-depth analytics of your competitor can be obtained.

Hence, the above-given free twitter analytics tools are the best in the market, which are free of cost. Choosing any one of them will not disappoint and will provide you with the best results and analytics at all times.


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