How to Get Verified on Twitter – A Step by Step Guide

Get Verified on Twitter

How to Get Verified on Twitter? Social media has recently been a significant part of our lives. We are posting our ideas and images online, getting likes, and shares have been a major ego boost for people, making them like the platform even more.

Social media has the unique ability to empower the nonceleb people and thrusting them into the sudden spotlight. It boosts self-confidence in people and creates an environment of affection and acceptance around them, which makes them loyal to the social media platform.

Twitter is like any other such social media platform with over 321 million active users who share their views and ideas on any burning topic every day.

How to be Verified on Twitter {6 Steps}

Twitter allows the users to apply for getting their profiles verified and hence creates authenticity by providing a blue badge against their account name. Usually, twitter provides a verification badge to accounts belonging to entertainment, music, acting, government, fashion, sports, or any other key interest areas. Here is a simple step by step guide on “how to get verified on twitter.”

Step1: Completing the Profile

Before filling the verification form, it is essential for the user to complete his/her profile in terms of photo, name, email address, birthday and most importantly setting the profile on ‘public.’ The user needs to reach the completion of minimum guidelines for the eligibility of the application.

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Twitter will ask for the username of profile that the user wishes to get verified.

Step2: Filling out the Twitter Verification Form

The user needs to fill any or all information asked by twitter carefully.

Step3: Increasing your Chances

To increases chances of getting verified, here is what the user can do:

  • If it is a personal account, it should have both real and stage name of the user. Similarly, if it is a business account, the user should make sure to have a business logo and its exact location so that twitter can contact the nearby places.
  • The profile picture should be preferably by professional and match other verified accounts.
  • The bio of the user should be optimized and should include an area of expertise.
  • Learn from other, already verified accounts on twitter.
  • Be active with your profile.

Step4: Website References

Twitter would ask the user to add some websites at reference so that it can verify the identity of the user. The user should use high traffic websites which can put the user in a positive light.

Step5: Why Should you be Verified?

Twitter provides ever user who applies, a space for 500 words to express why he/she should be verified. The user should show their public impact and may also mention their works on public platforms. The paragraph should be precise and highly informative.

Step6: Trying again

If twitter did not get the user verified, it is nothing to worry about. The user can try again in 30 days.

The benefits of getting your profile verified could be seen in increased demand for products or increased likes and shares.

Normal users trust the sites which are verified and hence contact them more. Profile verification can bring sudden success to a business due to now increased trust of people and therefore increased sales.

Twitter has been a medium for many people to express themselves and reaching out to the public freely. It dims the geographical lines between people and helps them connect with each other to satisfy their respective needs. Many business sites have flourished due to these platforms, and today we can not really imagine our lives without them.


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