5 Best Free Tools to Track Twitter Unfollowers

Tools to Track Twitter Unfollowers

If you are searching for Tools to Track Twitter Unfollowers? Then, First, check why one should unfollow you on twitter:

1. The main reason for one to unfollow you is that in twitter you cannot follow more than 2000 people who follow you it means if you don’t unfollow the people who don’t follow you cannot follow others and you will also be unfollowed from the person who was interested in following you.

2. People who post’s a lot of tweets are also unfollowed this is because the one viewing the tweets of people all around the world does not have all day to be seeing only one person’s tweet.

Top 5 Free Tools to Track Twitter Unfollowers

Check out some of the most common reasons why people unfollow others on twitter.

OK, now let me show you guys 5 free apps that will help you track or just like that show the names of the people who unfollow you, these are some of the most efficient and commonly used ones.

  1. Crowdfire
  2. ManageFlitter
  3. SocialOomph
  4. Statsbrew
  5. Tweepi

1. Crowdfire

You can check those accounts that don’t follow you, with this Crowdfire tool and with the help of the app you can also optimize your Twitter account in such a way like Banner Image, Profile Pic, Bio description< Pinned tweet, etc. and you can even preschedule your tweets with this remarkable and very powerful tool.

This will help you to manage your social media accounts easily, and it lets you optimize each post for the platform you want to share it on. It does excellent help in fetching trending topics, hashtags, and profiles that you may like

This application is available on all platforms such as Android, IOS, and windows. So you can use it on your desktop also for more efficiency and convenience.

2. ManageFlitter

Using ManageFlitter, you can just like that find out which twitter account you should unfollow. Using this app, you can also schedule your tweets for different time zones, and this application does a lot of help to manage and maintain two or more Twitter accounts.

The free version of this application allows you clean up your account on Twitter, but if you would like to use the advanced cleaner, you should be going to the premium pack which costs 12USD/month or the Business version that costs 49USD/month.

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3. SocialOopmph

SocialOomph is much more than just a simple unfollow tool the unfollower tool is only a small part of the application because it also enables its users to schedule tweets, track hashtags for their tweets and even maintain multiple Twitter accounts. The free version of the tool is available for all platforms, but it offers a limited amount of options such as shows just a part of the unfollowers and the others are to be fetched by us. To unlock all of the features of the application, one must purchase the premium version that costs 17USD/month.

4. StatsBrew

This powerful social media management tool allows you to manage all your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn accounts from one place. Statsbrew makes responding to comments in a quick manner. StatsBrew also increases the efficiency of your posts and removes all inactive followers from your account in just a click “Unfollow All.” This application provides this many application, but there is no free version available the premium pack costs about 25USD/month.

5. Tweepie

Tweepie discovers some inactive accounts which are followed by you and allows you to unfollow them because they don’t follow you why is the waste of a follower. This tool is entirely web-based, and it also shows the users who are likely to follow you. There are two ways to use this app one is by using the platinum membership or by using the silver membership; there is very little difference between these packages.

Ohh here we are the end. These are some of the best application that is very helpful in finding out the people who unfollow us and how can one unfollow others.


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