6 Counterintuitive Twitter Tips to Get more out to Twitter

Twitter Tips to Get more out to Twitter

Here are the best Twitter Tips to Get more out to Twitter. Social media is an integral part of our daily lives these days. We can’t seem to ignore it. And why would we when it is a great platform to gain recognition? It holds its pack of importance. Twitter is one such viral social media site to get connected with people worldwide and get some popularity.

It has the most extensive pulse of the social network users maybe because it’s straightforward to put up your stories you want to share out there on twitter. This is a platform which is used by more than 300 million people out of which 80%of them are millennials.

At times, you need to grow the attention of society to a personal or professional idea. It is important in a business to drag the attention of the clients to a particular business, and twitter is just the way to do that. It is a great place to partner up with people. That’s the reason why most people choose twitter to create partnerships. It can be beneficial to people who want to outreach their business on social media. It is a reliable place for marketing.

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But, to achieve good social media marketing, one should know how to drag traffic to their stories and posts. It’s essential to get as many views as possible to publicize a business. And who wouldn’t want to learn how to do that?

6 Counterintuitive Twitter Tips to Get more out to Twitter

So, here are some Counterintuitive Twitter tips to get more out and traffic to twitter.

1. Pinning a tweet from time to time

If someone wants constant attention to be drawn on their profile or posts, they should make sure that they are regular with pinning tweet. It keeps them on the top of the viewer’s feed, and they get updated from time to time. It decreases the chances of viewers forgetting about your professional or personal profile. Also, keep in mind that pinning tweets can help a lot. A pinned tweet gets more views than non-pinned tweets. Buffer’s Kevan Lee’s tests with pinned twitter posts prove this theory.

Here’s a graph showing the same.

2. Tweeting at the right time

Well, most of you think that this might not be that important. But it is! It helps a lot if you tweet at the peak time of rush hours. Rush hours herein denote the time where people are most active on social media. This helps in getting your tweet on the top of their feeds which hence, increases the views on your story or post. Generally, this rush time starts rising at 8 am and is at the peak around 12ish to 2ish in the noon. The graph here shows the rate of rush hour.

3. Using Twitter cards

Using images with your tweets could be another helpful hack. The use of images grabs more attention of the viewers. It makes the tweet slightly more interesting. It gets more likes, retweets, and more importantly, more clicks on your post. More clicks on your post mean that more people visited your site and hence the traffic is increasing. According to a study, 18% more clicks were seen on the tweets with images when compared to those who don’t. The image can be inserted on any tweet using Twitter cards. 

4. The sharing of old posts

It is right that everyone is excited about sharing new stories and tweets. But, turning on the automatic share of the old posts can boost up the traffic on your profile. Keep in mind that at some particular time, people might use something you posted earlier. Sharing both new and old content can keep the sharing and liking process going on. Twitter offers features like ‘revive old posts’ to do that for you. Times social media team stated that they generally recycle their old tweets in place of the new ones in an interview with Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab.

5. Asking readers to share your content

Taking help from others never gets wasted in this case. Encourage your followers and viewers to share your content as much as possible. This helps in scaling up the traffic to the next level. It gets you new viewers for your page. Even though it seems obvious, but this is a helpful trick. Make sure you pitch to your followers to click on the share button for you. Check out the best Twitter Bots To Get Followers for free.

6. Paying to get exposure

People can make some good money out of their tweets and stories if they promote the advertisements of products. It drives the traffic just as you want. Many people invest in Twitter ads to get promoted. It gives an excellent pitch to your business. It provides a great platform to support the campaign. People also go for live-tweeting advisements to get instant results.

So keep the buzz going on happy tweeting!! Hope you like our Twitter Tips to Get more out to Twitter.


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