5 Best Free Twitter Tools to Schedule Tweets

Twitter Tools to Schedule Tweets

Twitter is a prominent platform in today’s time for serving a wide variety of purposes. It is used for various businesses such as advertising, providing bite-sized news bits, making jokes and memes, making new product announcements, and many more. Despite being used by every person, be it a businessman, an influencer, an amplifier or a layman, Twitter is not used to its full potential. Or no one can easily manage these accounts so, they search for Best Free Twitter Tools to Schedule Tweets. When data tools are annexed to explore Twitter’s endless information, the social media platform becomes more than just useful.

Tweeting consistently is very significant for your Social Media growth, but without creating new content, it is not possible to engage in constant posting and commenting sessions. It is also challenging to keep up ​with the content you plan to send out to your followers. All this can be very time and energy consuming but fortunately, Twitter doesn’t have to be a time suck application.

To help a user in managing their Twitter handle and posts responsibly and calmly, there is a range of free tools available with varying degrees of automation provided by Twitter itself. Moreover, many third-party providers offer excellent ways to manage your Twitter feed, creating greater efficiency and effectiveness.

SCHEDULING: Why and How?

Automating tools comes with a diversity of functions; some of them generate posts for you or track search results for keywords or hashtags to post them in response. Some of them help you in following and unfollowing users or allowing to schedule your post and post them automatically when the time comes.

Needless to say, that some automation tools are considered to be spammy and result in lower engagement, but an excess of everything is terrible. If these tools are used as per prescribed guidelines, Twitter can turn out to be more fun.

Instead of going for full-on automation, you can go with a minor form of it – Scheduling.

Scheduling says, “here’s a post I want to make; make it for me at X time.” It’s planning ahead of time to get a lot of marketing content up, or a way to promote your content automatically and simultaneously while you use Twitter for other things along the way. If you have done your research, you know about the best time of day to tweet, resulting in massive engagement with the audience.

Nonetheless, you will try to tweet at that time only but not always you will be available to do so and hence, post-scheduling tools come into play. Thus, scheduling tools saves your time, keep your profile fresh and active, top on the handle, and gives you an edge over other users resulting in capitalizing.

Scheduling is even encouraged by Twitter themselves by offering users with a set of its tweet scheduling tools to enable you to ensure you are active online, also when you are busy. Twitter’s scheduling tools allow you to schedule tweets up to a year in advance but to access this service by Twitter; you need to sign up for Twitter advertisements by providing your credit card details. If you don’t own a credit card or you are not willing to give your credit card details to Twitter, then you can go for a plethora of online Twitter scheduling tools available in the market for free.

Top 5 Free Twitter Tools to Schedule Tweets

Here are Best Twitter tools available for free consumption:-

1. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is the best all-rounder tool available for Twitter management. Being acquired by Twitter, TweetDeck now works seamlessly with Twitter. Its integration and capabilities make it the closest competitor of HootSuite. TweetDeck is solely dedicated to Twitter rather than other social media platforms, with a dashboard management tool which gives users the ability to organize their accounts as per their requirement.

It is free and offers a lot of options for users to choose from. Apart from providing a better user experience for Twitter users, TweetDeck also provides an opportunity for scheduling of Tweets. Just hit the Tweet icon in the upper left corner, It will give you an option to schedule the Tweet text box. That lets you choose the time and date you want, and your tweet will be automatically posted for you. Furthermore, it enables users by letting them view streams of their content, their followers’ content, engagement, and messages.

Tweetdeck is a powerful multi-platform Twitter tool for more flexibility and power in the hands of users. It is an application owned by Twitter, not a third-party provider.

2. Hootsuite

It is one of the most known and widely popular social media scheduling tools due to its effectiveness. Apart from providing with scheduling, its services range from managing your various social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram to monitoring your feed and tracking conversation across different networks all at once has been nailed down perfectly by this tool.

Its capabilities make it worth mentioning in every Twitter tools list and are a must-have for every serious online marketer. It also helps in managing multiple twitter accounts, letting you re-tweet across numerous profiles automatically. It is a great tool to keep your social media accounts organized.

HootSuite offers a robust free version and a paid version. Its free version allows up to three social profiles, giving you the most basic analytics and scheduling, providing access to a few essential apps to expand the features of the platform, and hooking into two RSS feeds, and is secured with SSL encryption.

It is incredibly powerful and gives you maximum output in just its free version.

3. Buffer

Buffer is one of the best Twitter scheduling tools available for users who tend to tweet in short bursts. One can lose several valuable followers by tweeting in this manner, but Buffer comes to the rescue by scheduling your tweets to the best performing time of the day.

A balanced tweeting schedule gains you more attention and praise. Buffer’s optimal timing tool is legitimately the best thing offered by them, which is widely used by every other brand. Moreover, another perk offered by Buffer is that users don’t need to schedule content from within Buffer if you use their plugin. While users are on Twitter, they will find that there is the option to Buffer a tweet, so users can easily schedule tweets in advance from within Twitter itself.

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Apart from that Buffer’s free version works with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn, and offers up to one account per platform. It allows up to 10 scheduled posts per platform at a time, and give users some fantastic features like a browser extension, a mobile app, an image creator, and the optimal timing tool.

Isn’t it more comfortable to throw your daily content into a bucket and then have an application automatically do the posting work for you?

4. SocialOomph

While talking about the best Twitter tools, one could not miss the swiss army knife of Twitter tools, SocialOomph. Previously known as TweetLater, it has been providing its scheduling unlimited tweets per month facilities since 2008.

This tool offers users to know the best time to tweet, track keywords, view user mentions all of this across multiple Twitter accounts. Further, it enables you to schedule the messages to be sent, your record of tweets sent, messages received, followers, and potential reach sorting followers and tweets for the user at the same time.

From its long list of services, its free version offers auto-following. SocialOomph also creates several automated reply messages for your followers by choosing through a reply from your group of responses, making it feel less mechanical.

SocialOomph also has the edge over its competitors by launching a Twitter-only version, limiting it to just Twitter as per user needs by boosting its Twitter capabilities.

5. Twuffer

While there are a lot of options available in the market about Twitter tools, what makes Twuffer stands out is it’s easy to use policy. To use Twuffer’s free version, users don’t need to provide any credit card credentials. You have to sign up with your Twitter account, and you are ready to go. Further, it is like Twitter buffer system which lets you schedule 50 tweets per month.

It is entirely free to use, and Interface is quite simple to understand. Users just need to log in with their Twitter account and start scheduling Tweets for future. It provides users with a multiple time zone option, which makes it amiable to schedule Tweets for followers in different countries. It can be used with an only account at a time.

Moreover, Twuffer users can shorten links, save drafts, and schedule tweets from a simple web dashboard.

Final Words

These are the most popular, widely used Tweet Scheduler. These Best Free Twitter Tools to Schedule Tweets help users in using Twitter more efficiently. You can see what’s trending, see your analytics, schedule or automate your tweets, and find out which hashtags are popular. That way, you’ll know what and when to post for maximum engagement. Every tweet scheduler app has its own set of pros and cons, so the decision to choose comes down to what matters most to you.

Notable, scheduling is a minor part of your marketing. Even if you do use scheduling, you need to be available for when people post in response so that you can continue conversations. Twitter is social, and that means communication on the site need to be two-way.


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